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Nationwide Presence

FedGov Recycling picks up anywhere in the United States.

Free Shipping

FedGov Recycling absorbs all shipping cost.

Free Pickup

FedGov Recycling picks up all toners for FREE.

Green & Going

FedGov Recycling is a green company going strong.

Zero Waste

FedGov Recycling disposes waste in the most eco-friendly way.

Eco Friendly

FedGov Recycling is always environmentally-friendly.

Challenges are just opportunities in disguise. Take the challenge

Ideal solutions

Reasons Why You Choose Us Protects The Environment!

We build customized toner collection, recycling, and sustainability plans for Federal Agencies, Colleges, Universities, School Districts & the Private Sector.

Residential Waste

Solid waste generated in occupy single-family and multi-family structures. Also referred to as "household waste".

Help Keep Laser & Inkjet Cartridges out of America’s Landfills.


More About Recycle

We truly are here for our customers at all times, and no question is too big or small for our team to handle

Reduces Government Spending - Saves Money.


Roll-Off Dumpsters

A temporary roll-off dumpster is a perfect choice for a variety of projects and including construction & commercial.

Free Cartridge Pick-Up Anywhere in the United States.

Touchless junk removal!

Curbside Pickup for Up to 30% Off

We provide green and cost-effective waste management and recycling solutions, helping businesses across all industries manage waste better. Get great discounts We truly are here for our customers at all times,
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Reduce Government Spending - Save Money

Cartridge Pick-Up Anywhere in the U.S.