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We embrace and cultivate respect, trust open communications & diversity of thoughts and people & community

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    Frequently Asked Questions?

    We pickup all used and unused toner cartridges in addition to inkjet cartridges.

    Yes, if there is any monetary value to any of the unopened cartridges FedGov picks up an excel worksheet will be provided showing itemized toners that have value and the lump sum that is being paid out.

    A check would be made out to the Treasury Department, College, University or School District.

    FedGov does not make payouts on expired toner cartridges.

    No, toner tanks and tubes are not recyclable.

    Yes, if your agency, college, university or school district is not listed here, yes you would need to join the FedGov Recycling Program before you can participate. Call (800) 526-1902 or send in your request via the contact page to be added.

    If your Agency, College, University or School District is participating they will be listed in the U.S. Government Agency dropdown section of the web site

    The FedGov Recycling Report is an accounting of all the toner cartridges processed at the recycling centers. This includes the total weight, the description and the total count of all toner cartridges.

    Yes, this program is open to Colleges, Universities, School Districts, Hospitals and Commercial Companies.

    No, please send your personal items from your home. It is important that agency assets are not mixed with employee owned items in any way.

    No, we encourage re-use of existing boxes.

    No, but we will need weight, width and height prior to shipping.